Number of Pool Buffers

Parameter group

Application Server Interface

Access level


Possible values

50 through 64000




Specifies the total number of pool buffers. The buffer pool is used internally for communication between Blueworx Voice Response processes and also for the voice segment cache. (The number of these buffers allowed for the cache is set by the Maximum Cache Buffers parameter, which should never be set to more than two thirds of the total number of pool buffers.)

Be careful when setting this parameter; do not set it higher than necessary. Each buffer contains 4K bytes, and you need enough real memory free in the system for every buffer. For example, setting this parameter to 2000 means that you must have 8M bytes of memory free.

If you set this parameter too high, you might not have enough disk space to start Blueworx Voice Response. When this happens, you cannot log on to reset this parameter, but you can use the RDSETBUFS command-line utility to reset it. To use this utility, type RDSETBUFSn, where n is the total number of pool buffers. RDSETBUFS also resets the value of the Maximum Cached Buffers parameter to no more than two thirds of the total number of pool buffers.