MWI Number Padding

Parameter group

Exchange Data Link

Access level


Possible values





Specifies whether Blueworx Voice Response pads any numbers in a message waiting indication (MWI) request. If you select No, Blueworx Voice Response does not pad the numbers. Any numbers received are handled as the actual MWI number.

If you select Yes, all numbers that are sent to the exchange data link are padded with a leading ASCII character. The number is padded with the character that is defined by MWI Number Padding Character to make it the length that is defined by MWI Number Length. If the length of the MWI number that is received from the signaling library is greater than the MWI Number Length parameter, an error is issued.

The MWI Number Padding parameter allows variable length numbers to be sent to an exchange data link protocol that supports only fixed length numbers.