Errorlog Wrap Threshold (recs)

Parameter group

Application Server Interface

Access level


Possible values

0 through 65535 entries




Specifies how large the Blueworx Voice Response error log file ($DB/current_dir/oamlog/errorlog) can become before wraparound occurs and records are written to the beginning of the file again. A value of 0 specifies that wraparound should never occur; records continue to be written to the end of the file, regardless of how large it gets. Ensure that you have enough space on the file system, because a full file system can seriously affect the performance of Blueworx Voice Response.

Note: Changes to this parameter do not take effect during a normal shutdown of Blueworx Voice Response. You must stop all processes, including the dtalarmd daemon by using the DT_shutdown command, then restart Blueworx Voice Response.