DTMF Transmit Level Twist (dBm)

Parameter group

Trunk Interface

Access level


Possible values

0 through 5




Specifies the difference between the level at which Blueworx Voice Response transmits tones in the low frequency DTMF group (specified by DTMF Transmit Level, Low Frequency) and the transmit level for tones in the high-frequency DTMF group.

High-frequency group tones are always transmitted at a level greater than low-frequency group tones are. For example, with default values for DTMF Transmit Level, Low Frequency (-8 dBm) and DTMF Transmit Level Twist (2 dBm), the transmit level of tones in the DTMF high-frequency group is -8 + 2 = -6 dBm.