Setting extra parameters for ISDN

Whether you are using Pack Configuration or System Configuration to define the telephony environment, and you are using ISDN, you might need to set some parameters in the Application Server Interface and ISDN Signaling parameter groups.


  1. From the Welcome window, select Configuration —> System Configuration —> Change.
  2. Click Application Server Interface.
  3. Extra Channel Process: When the telephony load is very high, you might see the following message if you are using a common channel signaling protocol such as ISDN:
    No free CHPs could be allocated

    This message indicates that an incoming call was not answered by Blueworx Voice Response because too few channel processes have been configured. By default, the number of channel processes is 10 greater than the number of channels but, with a CCS protocol, this number might need to be increased.

    The Extra Channel Process parameter controls the number of channel processes. If you increase this value by a large amount, you might also need to increase the maximum number of user processes that are configured in AIX, (for details, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation information).

  4. Close the Application Server Interface window.
  5. Called/Calling Party Numbering: Open the ISDN Signaling parameter group.

    A window showing the parameters in the ISDN Signaling group.

  6. Set the L4 - Called/Calling Party Numbering Type and L4 - Called/Calling Party Numbering Plan parameters according to the numbering used in your network.

    If you do not know the numbering Type and Plan that are specific to your network, you can try setting the parameters to Unknown. However, if you continue to have problems, see your network documentation for the numbering type and plan that is used in your network.

  7. Close the ISDN Signaling window
  8. Saving the Parameter Values: Save the new values.

    Although the System Configuration window is still displayed, the system has saved the parameter values.

  9. Close the System Configuration window.

You have now completed configuration for ISDN. You must shut down and restart Blueworx Voice Response for the changes to take effect. For guidance, on enabling the trunk and channels and monitoring the activity on the ISDN lines, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System information.

Ensure that you save a copy of the system configuration (see Making a backup copy of system parameter values).