Configuring a 3270 session for screen capture

To configure a session for screen capture, first define a dummy server. (When you configure a session for use by a 3270 server, that server is usually already defined by the voice application developers.) Assign the dummy server to one (or more) of the available sessions. You can configure multiple sessions now, assigning them to the dummy server, then reconfigure them later, and assign them to 3270 servers. Reconfiguring 3270 sessions describes how to reconfigure sessions.

Server definitions include a session allocation method. If your site has installed a CallPath call processing product, you can specify that a server use a specific session that is tied to a particular telephone number. (When sessions are allocated by telephone number and the session needed by a server is in use, the server must wait until the session is free.) When a server uses the session that is tied to a telephone number and the telephone call is transferred to an agent, CallPath can transfer the session to the agent at the same time.

Defining a dummy 3270 server

Use this procedure to define a dummy server to configure a session for 3270 screen capture.

  1. From the Welcome window, select Applications—> 3270 Servers.
  2. Defining a server: Click Server —> New.

    The system displays the 3270 Server window.

  3. Type in a description of the server. For example, you may want to describe it as “Dummy server to configure emulation session.”
  4. Make sure the session allocation method is First Available.
  5. Naming the server: Click File —> Save As...

    The system prompts you for a name.

  6. Type in a name for the server. The name cannot include blanks, but you can use underscores.
  7. Click OK.

Although the 3270 Server window is still displayed, the system has stored the server definition. The name of the server is displayed in the 3270 Server field. When you close the window, the system displays the 3270 Servers window that lists the new server.

Configuring a 3270 session

Use this procedure to configure a 3270 terminal session for use by the screen capture program. To define the dummy server to assign to this session, use the procedure that is given in Defining a dummy 3270 server.

This method of session configuration is not dynamic. Before the system can recognize a new configuration, you must stop Blueworx Voice Response and start it again.

One of the items of information that is listed for each session is the LU name. The LU name is taken from information that is provided to Communication Server as part of the network installation process. If the person who installed the network does not provide the information, the LU names are displayed as Undefined. Undefined LU names have no effect on session configuration.

  1. From the Welcome window, select Configuration —> 3270 Session Configuration.
  2. Creating a session: Click File —> New.

    The system displays the 3270 Session Create window.

  3. Click the 3270 Link Station.

    The system lists all unconfigured sessions that are defined for that attachment.

  4. Click one or more sessions.
  5. Assigning a server to a session: Type in the name of the dummy server that you created to support screen capture, or click Server Name, click the server, and click OK.

    The system displays the 3270 Session Create window with the name of the server filled in.

  6. Saving the configuration: Click OK.

    The system displays the 3270 Session Configuration window that lists the session you selected and shows that it is assigned to the dummy server.

  7. Close the 3270 Session Configuration window.
  8. Activating the session: Click Operations —> Immediate Shutdown or Quiesce Shutdown.

    The system prompts you to verify.

  9. Click OK.

When you restart Blueworx Voice Response, the session is configured and ready for use by the assigned server.

Testing the 3270 connection

Use this procedure to test the 3270 configuration by starting the emulation function. To configure a session for use by the emulation function, use the procedure that is given in Configuring a 3270 session.

  1. At the Welcome window, select Applications—> 3270 Servers .
  2. Starting emulation: Click the server from the list of Servers.
  3. Click Options —> Emulate.

    The system opens the Screen Capture window and displays a host screen.

  4. Checking emulation : Click the Welcome window, and click Operations —> 3270 Session Manager.

    The system displays the 3270 Session Manager window. The status of the session you configured is Emulating.

  5. Close the 3270 Session Manager window.
  6. Close the Screen Capture window.

The system frees the session for someone else to use.