Introducing 3270 session configuration

Blueworx Voice Response communicates with the database host through 3270 sessions. Each session has to be defined to Communication Server by an LU2 profile as part of setting up the network. (For more information on setting up the network, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation information.)

3270 session configuration involves associating each 3270 server with one or more 3270 sessions. The 3270 servers can then be used to get data from and send data to 3270 host applications, using the 3270 data stream. (For more information about 3270 servers and how they work, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: 3270 Servers information.)

How many sessions?

Blueworx Voice Response starts the number of processes that is defined by the Number of 3270 Exec Processes to Spawn system parameter in the Application Server Interface parameters group. This value should be greater than or equal to the number of LU2 profiles defined, up to a maximum of 254. If Blueworx Voice Response is to use more than one database host, some of the sessions communicate with one host and some with another.

Because each session can be used by only one server, one way of estimating how many sessions to configure is to estimate how many telephone calls might require sessions at the same time. Another way of estimating how many sessions to configure is to think about the number of channels for which Blueworx Voice Response is configured. Each channel can use up to three sessions at the same time. The more channels your system includes, the more sessions you need. If sessions turn out to be superfluous, they can be removed. They can also be reconfigured for use by a different server at any time.

Because voice application developers use terminal emulation to capture 3270 screens and create servers, always configure at least one additional session for use by the screen capture program.

When should I configure sessions?

Sessions can be configured when you need them, or all at the same time. Because you cannot add or delete sessions dynamically, you might want to configure many sessions at first, assigning them to a "dummy" server. You can edit the session configuration after voice application developers have written the 3270 servers that will actually use the sessions.

When you configure the system to allow the 3270 screen capture program to use it, configure at least one session for a 3270 server. You can configure other sessions for 3270 servers at another time. You can also use this session to ensure the network definitions are correct and that 3270 emulation is working properly. You cannot invoke 3270 emulation without at least one configured session.

Before you start

Before you configure any sessions, ensure that the data communications network includes Blueworx Voice Response, and that all the necessary profiles and definitions have been created and stored on the pSeries computer. The Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation information describes how to create profiles and start both Communication Server and all the defined attachments.

To access 3270 Session Configuration from the Configuration menu, complete the procedure that is given in The 3270 host connection.