How call progress tones are identified

Up to 25 different tones can be defined for a Blueworx Voice Response system. Each tone is defined by a set of parameters in the Call Progress Tone parameter group. Groups of tone definitions are supplied, to define the tones used in various countries. Pack Configuration sets the tone definitions correctly for each country but, if you need to change them (for example, to detect tones from a specific PBX), follow the procedure in Redefining call progress tones.

Each tone in the tone group has a Tone Identifier, which is a sequential identifier that is used by state table actions and in the call progress tone parameter groups to identify the tone. Each call progress tone group includes Tone Id 1 through Tone Id 25.

In addition to the Tone Identifier, each tone has a Tone Label and Tone Type, which are values assigned to parameters in the tone definition (see How call progress tones are defined).

The Tone Group parameter in the Channel Group parameter group specifies which group of tone definitions is to be used on channels in each channel group. This enables you, for example, to detect national network tones on some channels and PBX tones on other channels.