A trunk is an E1 connection with up to 30 channels, or a T1 connection with up to 24 channels. Each Blueworx Voice Response system can potentially support up to 480 E1 channels or 384 T1 channels; that is 16 E1 trunks or 16 T1 trunks. The number of channels supported depends on the model of pSeries computer and the type of application. See the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: General Information and Planning information for more information.

To specify whether E1 or T1 trunks are to be used, set the Trunk Interface parameter in the Blueworx Voice Response parameter group. Set this parameter for all trunks. The voice encoding scheme that is used on T1 trunks is normally μ-law. The voice encoding scheme used on E1 trunks is A-law.

The characteristics of each trunk are defined by the parameters in the Trunk Interface group.