Example 3: E1 mixed system

You can mix CAS, ISDN, and other common channel signaling protocols on the same Blueworx Voice Response system. However, these cannot coexist on the same trunk at the same time so you must create a channel group for each protocol, as shown in Figure 1.

A maximum of 16 trunks (480 channels) can be configured on an E1 system.

Figure 1. E1 mixed CAS and CCS protocols
The Pack Configuration window with five packs configured for an E1 mixed CAS and CCS system.

Channel associated signaling (CAS)


The switch to which Blueworx Voice Response is connected must be configured as network side, because Blueworx Voice Response can operate only as user side.

Click the Default Switch Type, because Euro-ISDN is supported on many switches.

Other common channel signaling (CCS) :

Click the Default Switch Type, because the custom-written signaling process software might support any range of switches.

The channels on a trunk can be allocated to more than one channel group. For example, on one trunk, channels 1 through 12 could be allocated to group 5 and use signaling process User5, while channels 13 through 30 could be allocated to group 6 and use signaling process User6.