Creating administrator profiles

Each time someone new starts using Blueworx Voice Response, consider what menu options they need to be able to use, and what their language preference is (if you have more than one language defined). If no suitable administrator profile is available, you can either create a new one from scratch, or copy an existing one and change it. To do either, you need to be logged on with a profile that gives access to the Administrator Profiles menu option. You can copy any profile, but you can open and change only a profile that has fewer access privileges than the profile you are logged on with.

For each profile, you need an administrator name and a password. Both can be up to eight characters long. You can use letters only, numbers only, or a combination of both.

Note: When you create an administrator profile on a single system image, the new profile information does not take effect on a client node until you restart Blueworx Voice Response on that node.