Changing the database server to work with the voice server

When you have configured the voice server node, you must go back to the database server to make it work with your voice server.

On the database server node, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as the Blueworx Voice Response account (usually this is dtuser).
  2. Respond with 2 when prompted, to prevent Blueworx Voice Response from starting.
  3. Log in as root by typing the command su root
  4. Type the following NFS command to set up the NFS mounts to the Blueworx Voice Response database:
    mknfsmnt -f /home/dirTalk/current_dir/voice.ssi
    -d voice_directory -h voice_server -m ssi -S -p 32 -A

    where voice_directory is the directory you created when you set up the voice server (for example, /ssi) and voice_server is the host name of the voice server.

    Note: The mknfsmnt command shown here is in its simplest form. If you already use NFS on your installation, you might want to specify other flags on this command so that you maintain the integrity of your system. For more information on this command, see the Commands Reference.
  5. Type exit to return to the dtuser account.
  6. Type the following command: