Adding a new client to your single system image

After you have set up your single system image and started using it, you might need to add another client. You must identify this new client to the voice server and export the voice database directory to the new client. To do this:

  1. Log in as root on the voice server.

    The voice server is on the pSeries computer that contains your database server, unless you have set up a separate voice server.

  2. Add the host name of the client node to the access list that is on the exports that you created when you configured the client node. To do this:
    1. Edit the file /etc/exports
    2. Find the lines that Blueworx Voice Response uses.

      For example:

    3. Add the host name of the client that you are adding to the single system image.

      For example:

      Note: In your file, ensure that this remains as a single line.
    4. Type the following NFS command to make the file system available to the new client:
      exportfs -av
  3. Configure the client node as described in Configuring a client node.